Digital Drawn Animation: Lee

Night Star Parkour – WIP from BLC Studios on Vimeo.

Olivia Lee (junior) shares the first 10 seconds of her animation project for MART390. The assignment was to create 10 seconds of animation, digitally drawing the action using Adobe Photoshop.

“I decided to step it up. Why not Parkour? I looked up several videos on Youtube for reference and liked the two-step backflip. Using rotoscoping I could better imitate the action to create a believable movement with my character. I took some liberties with stretching on the flip for the essence of cool.” – Olivia

Rotoscoping is a technique used by animators where they trace over live action footage, frame by frame, to help achieve a more realistic motion. It’s one of the many different styles covered in the Animation class, taught by Professor Kurt Paulsen this semester.

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