Bethany’s new esports program is moving from the announcement phase to getting-to-work phase.

Finding the right leader is key to building any new program and Bethany has found their pinpoint person in Seth Grabow. 

Grabow, a native of Gaylord, Minnesota, will oversee Bethany’s new esports program which will compete in League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Smash Bros, and Overwatch. The program is slated to begin playing this fall. Renovations for the new esports space are underway in Honsey Hall on Bethany’s campus. 

“It’s been a lot of fun so far,” says Grabow. “We’ve been visiting schools all over Minnesota to get the word out that we are starting a program at Bethany and students are excited to learn more.” 

Recruiting is a big part of any sports team and esports is no different. While traditional sports (football, basketball, and so on) have the NCAA to govern their sports, the world of esports is still considered the ‘wild west’. Bethany is a part of National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) who provide structure and tools needed to advance varsity esports. However, trends change quickly in this space and you need to adapt.  

Grabow said, “I stay on trends in a rapidly changing esports world by following a lot of professional coaches on twitter and seeing what their teams are doing. On a collegiate level, following a lot of schools who have done this and seeing what they are doing and how they interact with gaming companies. Just following and communicating with people on twitter.” 

Having someone who has played for many years but also stays alert to the changing landscape is vital to building a solid foundation for Bethany’s new program. The college is planning to stream many of their games and are looking to an alum to help in that area as well. Grabow serves as the Production Studio Specialist on campus so he can serve as gamer expert and broadcast tech to help guide every aspect of the brand. 

“When people watch our feed, I hope that the audience can tell very little difference between what we are doing and a professional broadcast and that they associate quality with Bethany.” 

The summer break moves quickly on campus as Bethany and Grabow continue to open boxes and breathe life to their new esports space. With the right person leading the way, expect more exciting times ahead. 

You can follow the progress of Bethany’s esports room setup on their social media pages