The campus hosts several events and speakers that connect students with the creative industry. Our guest speakers provide career insight and (often) give personal feedback through individual portfolio reviews. In addition, several annual events give students opportunities to showcase their work.

Media Week

Media Week occurs on campus each year in the week preceding the international Speechless Film Festival (below). During media week the campus hosts a series of visiting industry professionals to talk about all areas of the creative industry.

Speechless Film Festival

Presented by Bethany, the mission of the international Speechless Film Festival is to challenge individuals from different countries and cultures to communicate with each other through the universal medium of visual storytelling. This annual event occurs every March in downtown Mankato, utilizing several local venues. It is growing into a significant community event and destination festival.

Capstone Showcases

Each semester, graduating seniors present their capstone projects. Presentations typically include a range of work including short films and animations.

Red Eye Film Festival

Red Eye is a blitz filmmaking competition that we recently opened up to students from other colleges in Mankato. Read more.

FOCAMA (Festival of Communication and Media Arts)

The BLC Studios Festival of Communication and Media Arts (FOCAMA) is the annual showcase of the creative media produced by Bethany students.

PromaxBDA Sponsored Speaker: Murphy Gilson

Gilson is the Emmy Award-winning creative director for Audience, DirecTV’s original content channel. Prior to that, he worked at Fox, TLC, and PBS, and for such clients as the NFL Network, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, ABC Family, G4, and GSN. He’s also an independent filmmaker, having created films that have been a part of festivals such as Cannes and Cinequest. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Speaker Series: John (JJ) Murray

Murray is the Executive Director of the Upper Midwest Emmys. He has 20 years of experience in video, radio, and television broadcasting. In November 2012, Murray spoke to our students about visual storytelling.

Speaker Series: James Gladman

Gladman is currently a professor of motion graphics at Savannah College of Art and Design. Gladman has 15 years of experience as Creative Director and Art Director for online, film, and broadcast media with organizations in New York, Detroit, and Minneapolis. In November 2012, Gladman presented his commercial and experimental work before reviewing student portfolios.

Speaker Series: Jeff Boortz

Boortz is an Emmy award-winning creative director with over 20 years experience building brands in the entertainment industry. Boortz’s impressive roster of current and past clients includes Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, MTV, ESPN, HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, A&E, Telemundo, BRAVO, Comcast, Charter Communications, and others. In September 2011, Boortz spoke with our students about his experiences and provided insight into the creative industry. He also spent time individually with students reviewing portfolios.