Media Arts - Major Application Night

Media Arts – Major Application Night

I’ve always said there’s something slightly off with artists, generally. They are compelled to do something that normal people don’t want to do, to put themselves out there. Think of a guy like Robin Williams, his performance, same thing. A normal person doesn’t do it. Maybe a normal person doesn’t paint or dance or sculpt or act, but the people who do feel compelled, we have to do this, it isn’t really a choice. – William Bukowski

A sharply dressed student stands in front of a small audience. The presentation behind them displays a small collection of his work. He works through the slides quickly, talking about his interests, his experience, and his ambition. Two dozen of his peers fill the audience while a half dozen professors take notes. He finishes, thanks the audience, and sits down. Another student gets up to give her presentation.

It’s application night for the media arts major. Each applicant had a different end goal and a different career path in mind, but they each had the same desire to create.

The collection of past work came from classes, personal projects, and jobs each student had done. The work covered a variety of mediums–digital painting, animation, music videos, and live broadcasts. Career paths were just as varied. Some students want to do live sports broadcasting, working for ESPN or Fox Sports North. Others are looking to find jobs in marketing and branding. One wants to make movies someday.

The media arts major is a melting pot of personalities and ambitions that have been brought together by a dream of creating something awesome and sharing it with the world. Application night introduced some very exciting projects coming down the pipeline and we look forward to being able to share them with you in the coming years.

Busy Studio Weekend

This weekend was one of the busiest for the studio this semester, if not the entire school year. There were eight different shoots spanning from Friday to Sunday, and many of them were multi-cam productions.

Baseball Multiviewer Baseball Outfield

Friday, the broadcasting class did live-to-tape recordings of the BLC Baseball home game. The games provided a chance for students to set up cameras and run cables off-site, albeit just a few hundred feet from the studio. The taped broadcast made use of the studio cameras, the production trailer, and a lift to get a high angle from the outfield. The class also taped the first of the two Saturday games before the weather started to get dreary. Read more…

Media Week recap


This year we hosted more Media Week speakers than ever before. And even though all of the speakers are connected through media, they presented on a wide range of topics. Here are some things the students had to say about Media Week 2015.

All of the Media Week presentations were interesting and I learned something from each of them. It’s great that students can connect directly with the speakers and really pick their brains for valuable industry knowledge. One of the really eye-opening parts of Media Week was seeing the wide variety of jobs throughout the industry.
– Jeremiah Kuehne

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High school students invited to Red Eye Production Camp

Red_Eye_Pro_Camp_Info_01For 9 years, Bethany Lutheran College has hosted the Red Eye Film Festival—a blitz filmmaking challenge where student teams produce short films within a very short time frame. This June, we are inviting upcoming sophomore, junior, and senior high school students to campus for Red Eye Production Camp! Campers will be divided into small groups and will work together to write, film, and edit a short movie. The camp also includes a trip to a professional production facility and a night at the movies. Family and friends are invited to the final film showcase on the last day of the camp, where all films will be screened in our film viewing room.

When: Sunday, June 14 – Thursday, June 18, 2015
Where: Bethany Lutheran College campus & Mankato area
Cost: $300
Download the Red Eye Production Camp Brochure
Download the Registration Form

Media Week 2015

The Speechless Film Festival is fast approaching and with it is Media Week 2015. This year’s Media Week runs Monday, March 16 through Saturday, March 21. We’ve assembled a wonderful group of professionals and educators from all over the country to visit campus and present about various aspects of media—including valuable industry insight.

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BLC student and alumni films selected for Speechless Film Festival

We are delighted to announce the third annual Speechless Film Festival will feature three BLC student projects as official selections and an alumni film as Best of Show in the Made in Minnesota category. This year was a record-breaking year for quantity of submissions, and we are pleased to see that our student and graduate work continues to measure up as the festival becomes more competitive.

sff_light_laundromatThe Light at the Laundromat was written and directed by Maribeth Romslo, with BLC alumnus Marcus Taplin working as the director of photography. Both Maribeth and Marcus will join us on campus for the Speechless Film Festival filmmaker panel to discus this Minnesota-made award-winning film.
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Students win second place at BEA Festival of Media Arts

megan_jeremiahEach year the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) hosts a Festival of Media Arts, which is a competitive festival for faculty and student BEA members. There are 15 categories of competition, ranging from radio to documentary and interactive media to sports broadcasting. Megan Maschoff and Jeremiah Kuehne received the second place award in the Student TV Sports Story category this year with their Senior Spotlight for Minnesota State Maverick hockey player Zach Palmquist.
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2014 Year In Review

2014 was a huge year for BLC Studios.

We did 19 Hockey Broadcasts for MSU and three of our students were recognized at the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts where we tied for first in the category of TV Sports Event Production.

010 hockey020 hockey
030 hockey040 hockey

Five students completed Media Arts capstone projects, including a live action short film, a short documentary, a stop motion music video, and both a live-action and kinetic type PSA.

050 capstone 060 capstone
070 capstone 080 capstone
210 graduate

The International Speechless Film Festival celebrated year two showcasing 50 films from 16 countries and 10 guest speakers.

yir_sff_02 yir_sff_01
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Streaming the 2014 WELS Regional Choral Festival

BLC Studios had a busy weekend in Watertown, South Dakota, where staff members and students had the opportunity to stream the WELS 2014 West Regional Choral Festival. This is the second year Bethany has helped stream the event.


The Choral Fest broadcast is an ambitious project that is driven by BLC Studios staff, one or two Bethany students, and several local high school students and parents who run cameras and help with the production. This is a great arrangement because it gives high schoolers interested in broadcasting an opportunity to get involved with a legitimate production.
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Red Eye sets records

Last week marked the 9th Annual Red Eye Film Festival for Bethany Lutheran College and BLC Studios. This year was particularly exciting, as Bethany students were joined by teams from the film programs at Minnesota State University-Mankato and South Central College. A total of 88 students in 16 teams participated, easily making this the largest Red Eye Film Festival to date.


Each team was given a different genre, prop, and line of dialogue to prompt their films. In previous years, teams had only 48 hours to write, film, and edit their movies. To facilitate the large number of students involved, teams were given just under a week to work this year.

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