Hockey broadcast crew gets to work

Hockey broadcast crew gets to work

Members of the Maverick Hockey broadcast crew are starting their broadcast season a little early this year. In the past, the broadcast crew has used an exhibition hockey game for their practice broadcast. This year, studio director Greg Vandermause wanted to get the crew together before they hit the hockey arena. This was achieved through several live soccer broadcasts, which allowed new crew members to train with the equipment and experience the rush of a live broadcast for the first time.


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Alumni Update: Ruth Wels


Ruth Wels, a 2012 graduate, was active in fine art, video art, and animation as a Bethany student. Her love for stop motion and media led her to LA after graduation, where she worked at the WB and Stoopid Buddies Studios. Ruth is currently employed as a creative producer at Participant Media, the company that runs Pivot TV, where she works on various editing and design projects. This spot is one of her latest creations:

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Earthquake time treeze

In Audio Video Production 3, students experiment with various production techniques. Recently, Landon Brands and several other students decided to take on a motion tracking project that explores a single instant in time during an earthquake.

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Introducing Amanda Quist

We are happy to introduce Amanda Quist as the newest member of the studio staff! Amanda is rejoining the campus as the Coordinator of Public, Education, and Government Access, a position that was created to help facilitate Bethany’s contract with the cities of Mankato and North Mankato to run the public access channels.

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Internship Profile: Brands


Landon Brands spent the summer in New York, New York completing a live action internship with Click 3X, a studio that does award-winning design, visual effects, and animation work . 

Tell us about your responsibilities at Click 3X.
I worked as a production assistant on national commercials and TV promos, which meant helping on set, in the office, and all around New York City. I helped maintain our shooting space and equipment, and also spent time with graphics and client services as my schedule allowed. The highlight of my internship came when I was asked to help develop concepts and visuals alongside award-winning creatives for an international TV promo slated to air in 2015.

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Internship Profile: Weber


Benjamin Weber was one of three students to complete a summer internship at Mankato’s CBS-affiliated television station, KEYC-TV. As a production assistant, Ben learned how to floor direct–relaying messages between the anchor and director via headset. Additionally, he learned how to run audio for the newscast, helped with editing commercials together for the master controller, and generated a training guide for both the floor director and audio positions. 

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Stone Path Studios – Summer Project Update

Stone Path Studios just wrapped up a summer of interesting projects. One of these jobs presents a compelling example of student designers making complicated concepts easily understandable, as the students went to work creating an animated infomercial for Minnesota Valley Credit Union. The piece explains what a Credit Union really is, and it allowed students Olivia Lee, Aimee Bruss, and Josh Kloster to successfully pitch a concept to the client and fully execute their design.

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Internship Profile: Alberts


Becca Alberts just returned to Mankato from a summer in Hollywood where she completed a visual effects (vfx) internship with film studio Paramount Pictures.

Tell us about your responsibilities as an intern in the VFX department.
I mostly dealt with loaning assets (hard drives, printers, keyboards, etc.) to film production teams—logging them into our database when returned and preparing them to be shipped to various locations all over the world. One of my other responsibilities was to help put descriptions from scripts into “shot breakdowns” that allowed the team to determine the VFX side of a film’s budget.

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Internship Profile: Bruss


Aimee Bruss just finished her summer internship at Sunstone Creative Group, Inc. in Mankato, Minnesota. At Sunstone, Aimee worked on a number of logo animations for clients and for the company itself. She also assisted when filming on location and learned more about shooting with a DSLR camera.

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Brian Christiansen lands ESPN internship


We heartily congratulate Brian Christiansen on being selected for an elite internship with ESPN! Brian was one of only six interns chosen from a pool of 18,000 applicants. It was a five month process from his initial application to the offer, with five phone interviews along the way.

“The application process was very intense, ” commented Brian. “But I felt very prepared for all of the questions, which made it easier to respond under pressure. Honestly, I just want to get out there. I’m tired of talking about it, it’s time to get to work.”

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