evans_big_blockLong-time followers of the media arts program may remember Aaron Evans, a 2013 graduate, who worked on motion graphics for the Maverick Hockey broadcast and several music videos while he was on campus. He got his start in the industry with an internship at Ant Farm in Los Angeles, a prize he received for winning a PromaxBDA student competition. He continued with an internship and freelance work with Troika Design Group, also in LA. Most recently, Aaron has been freelancing for Big Block in Santa Monica. Big Block is an amazing digital production studio specializing in digital, automotive content, VFX, design, and finishing for feature films, commercials, interactive, viral videos, gaming, and more.

Aaron was part of the Big Block team responsible for the ESPN Monday Night Football graphics package, which looks fantastic. Take a look at the montage. We’re proud to see Aaron working under the direction of such a strong studio!