Professor Andy Overn has been teaching graphic design at Bethany for many years. His interest in both illustration and design has influenced many students, and his insistence that form follows function has helped graduates secure fulfilling jobs in the field. Bethany’s graphic design courses had been offered from within the studio art major, but recent expansions have allowed us to add graphic design as a major of its own! We’ve added several courses that are great electives for designers—like Digital Painting and Motion Graphics I and II. And we’ve added a faculty member, Amanda Quist, who is now teaching art and design. She’s able to help with the logistics of adding a new major and moving students through the program smoothly.

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The new curriculum for the graphic design major has been tailored more specifically to what is currently expected of design graduates. This means that in addition to becoming technically proficient in print and web design, our designers will have experience sketching, storyboarding, illustrating, and animating. They will be strong writers and communicators. They will be curious about the world and productive members of society. General education and elective courses from all areas of the school will provide ample fuel for creativity! We’re excited to see this major grow as a new group of designers prepares to join our alumni network. For more information, contact Andy Overn or Amanda Quist.