Since the media arts program was launched in 2011 our connection to PromaxBDA has been an important part of the major. This entertainment marketing organization has connected several Bethany grads to creative work in Los Angeles. One of the ways Bethany students connect with Promax is by attending the summer conference. This year, two faculty members, one staff member, and three students made the trip to LA for the PromaxBDA conference. We also brought Alex, a KTV production intern who attends MSU but is a familiar face in the studio.

For students looking to enter the creative industry, Promax offers an opportunity to meet people from agencies, production companies, and networks face-to-face. A couple students were chosen to participate in the Promax Student Portfolio Night, where their portfolios were reviewed by creative executives. Student Aimee Bruss describes this in more detail:

“Student Portfolio Night was an invite-only event with a panel of creative executives that sit with you and talk about your portfolio and resume. Some of the executives were from ABC, CBS, Participant Media, Troika, NBC, Disney, A+E, and Loyal Kaspar. As I talked with each executive, one piece of advice kept coming up—never stop creating. Even if it’s something small, constantly do something that shows you’re improving. That is something that stands out when you’re applying for any position.”

For faculty and staff, the conference offers sessions that cover current trends, new ideas, and best practices. We always leave feeling inspired and excited about the year to come. And while we’re in LA, we’re able to reconnect with media arts alumni living and working in the area.

The theme of the 2015 Conference was “What’s Next.” As we look ahead to what’s next for us, we’re confident the students will begin fulfilling careers with all sorts of gratifying twists and turns. “What’s next” for the studio is also fun to contemplate—the place looks very different than it did a year ago today, and we’re excited to continue building and growing through 2015-16.

Oh, and did I mention the opening party was at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles? Just in time for Jurassic World…