In June 2018, BLC Studios took on a new broadcasting gig for the National Professional Fastpitch (NPF) covering the first ever women’s professional softball series in the state of Minnesota. This NPF dual took place at North Mankato’s Caswell Park and featured the Chicago Bandits vs. Beijing Eagles. The NPF league features 5 teams, three of which are international teams that play here in the states and don’t have permanent home fields. Hosting this series was a big event for the community. The initiative was driven by The Mankato Peppers softball association, in large part because the Bandits starting pitcher Coley Ries is a former Minnesota State softball player and the 2017 Division II National Player of the year. She’s highly regarded by the softball community as one of the best talents to come from the area.

BLC Studios was contacted by the league to stream 5 games (running June 19-23) on the NPF website. Studio Manager Greg Vandermause worked with Caswell officials to coordinate production layout (announcer and camera location) and a crew of 6 students and recent graduates came together to staff all aspects of the broadcast. Even when they were hit with rain, the crew was very professional and the broadcast quality was solid. “It was great to see our students and grads engage with our community,” commented Greg. “It took a lot to make this event happen, and it’s important for our students to see the greater impact of their work.”