This is a quick update on a fun project recently completed by media arts graduate Kadyn Wishcop and professor Amanda Quist.The idea for this project came from Jeff Lemke, Bethany’s new Vice President of Admissions and Enrollment. He contacted Amanda in early August hoping to create a custom Snapchat lens using Bethany’s athletic branding. Snapchat customizations such as this are created using a program called Lens Studio. This project required existing 3D skills and the ability to quickly learn Lens Studio to meet the deadline provided, so Amanda approached recent grad Kadyn Wishcop to help out. The lens they built was just released:

Kadyn created and imported the 3D helmet, while Amanda added the beard and worked with the BLC admissions and communication departments to add finishing touches, duplicate the effects on another face, and ensure the lens tested well before release. “The Lens Studio program was relatively easy to learn, and this was a very fun project integrating 3D and 2D images in an interactive platform,” said Amanda Quist. “It was awesome to see the first snaps of Bethany staff, students, and alumni using the filter!” You can check out the lens yourself by scanning the snap code below: