For students looking to join the design community, industry connections are highly valuable. This is why media arts professor Kurt Paulsen does what he calls a “stunt” project in his Visual Communication class.

For this project, the class is divided into teams and instructed to research a design or production firm where they may be interested in working. Each group then develops a unique package and sends it to the company to introduce themselves.

Last year, students sent packages to several companies with offices in New York. One of the groups targeted Psyop, an animation and design powerhouse that gave an excellent account of what it was like to receive this one-of-a-kind package on the Psyop blog. In addition to this wonderful thank you, Psyop gave a tour of their New York office to several students and faculty members who were visiting the city for the 2014 PromaxBDA Conference.

Stay tuned for information on this year’s stunt projects, as students are now beginning to select their target companies for 2014!


Photo by Psyop