Over spring break sophomore David Schuyler had an opportunity to travel to Moore, Oklahoma as part of a project for Stone Path Studios. While not the most exotic of spring break locations, the trip was an important one. Kingdom Workers arranged the trip to bring Schuyler down to the site where Builders for Christ were finishing up the construction of a new home for the Taylor family.


The Taylor’s house was hit by a tornado. While their family was safe, their house was in ruins. Kingdom Workers approached the Pastor of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church in Moore to help tornado victims with the rebuilding process.

The resulting project is a compelling narrative from the family, reflecting on how their live was turned upside down and how Builders for Christ was able to provide help and support in a time of need.

“It’s been fun to partner with Stone Path Studios,” said Dan Jaspersen, the Marketing Communication Director for Kingdom Workers. “They bring high levels of expertise in video production with the humble willingness to learn. This spring I worked closely with David on a project for Kingdom Workers. We traveled to Moore, OK to interview the family that was going to be moving into the home that Builders For Christ was building. David nailed all of the technical issues. He shot all of the interview footage and additional shots that we needed. Afterward, he put his editing skills to work. Working quickly, sharing drafts online with me (sometimes multiple times a day) we were able to meet both a high level of satisfaction and the deadline of the project.”