A sharply dressed student stands in front of a small audience. The presentation behind them displays a small collection of his work. He works through the slides quickly, talking about his interests, his experience, and his ambition. Two dozen of his peers fill the audience while a half dozen professors take notes. He finishes, thanks the audience, and sits down. Another student gets up to give her presentation.

It’s application night for the media arts major. Each applicant had a different end goal and a different career path in mind, but they each had the same desire to create.

The collection of past work came from classes, personal projects, and jobs each student had done. The work covered a variety of mediums–digital painting, animation, music videos, and live broadcasts. Career paths were just as varied. Some students want to do live sports broadcasting, working for ESPN or Fox Sports North. Others are looking to find jobs in marketing and branding. One wants to make movies someday.

I’ve always said there’s something slightly off with artists, generally. They are compelled to do something that normal people don’t want to do, to put themselves out there. Think of a guy like Robin Williams, his performance, same thing. A normal person doesn’t do it. Maybe a normal person doesn’t paint or dance or sculpt or act, but the people who do feel compelled, we have to do this, it isn’t really a choice. – William Bukowski

The media arts major is a melting pot of personalities and ambitions that have been brought together by a dream of creating something awesome and sharing it with the world. Application night introduced some very exciting projects coming down the pipeline and we look forward to being able to share them with you in the coming years.