It’s been a while since we’ve written an update on Stone Path Studios, Bethany’s student-run production company. The mission of Stone Path is to create “productions with a purpose.” This means that in addition to for-profit work, Stone Path provides affordable production services to non-profit organizations that are often otherwise unable to afford quality media services. This means that Stone Path has worked for several non-profits such as the American Heart Association, Greater Mankato Growth, Camp College, SMILES, and WELS Kingdom Workers. Past for-profit clients include MN Valley Credit Union, Brunton Architects, Sealing Systems Inc., and Eide Bailley.

One of last summer’s projects was a particularly good example of how Stone Path’s mission is put to work in our community. Students Cora Mumme and Megan Tonn worked on a project for the city of North Mankato and the North Mankato Miracle League, a group that removes the barriers that keep children with mental and physical disabilities off the baseball field. These organizations are working to raise funds for a new playground that will give our community and those nearby a place where all children can play together, including those with disabilities. The creative direction for this piece on the proposed “Fallenstein Playground” required both motion graphics and video production. Cora was the lead designer and animator for the motion graphics segment. She was hired specifically to work on this project, which was a great fit for her style of illustration. She learned new animation techniques and more about motion graphics workflow as she completed several storyboards and brought those images to life.

“Being a part of the Fallenstein playground project gave me the experience of working with real clients while giving life to art—all for the greater good of building a place where all kids can go to play and explore. The creative process led us through many drafts, but I think that we came up with a piece in the end that connects with the viewer and shows why this is such an important community campaign to support.”
-Cora Mumme (senior)

Studio staff Amanda Quist, Greg Vandermause, and Benjamin Weber worked with the students on the final piece, which explains who this carefully designed playground is for and what it’s all about. Take a look!

While Stone Path has completed projects for international clientele, it’s great to see work like this that has a positive impact on the Mankato/North Mankato community. For another project close to home that features a different style of storytelling, check out this documentary about the Mankato Air Spectacular.

This project was completed a year ago, but we never featured it on the blog. The students who worked on it had a blast…but no one had as much fun as studio staff member and aviation enthusiast Benjamin Weber!

Any current students interested in getting involved with Stone Path should talk with Greg Vandermause or Andy Krueger. Working for Stone Path is a great way to get professional experience in your area of interest, do some good in the world, and did we mention it’s a paid gig? To everyone who’s already been involved, keep up the good work!