Stone Path Studios just wrapped up a summer of interesting projects. One of these jobs presents a compelling example of student designers making complicated concepts easily understandable, as the students went to work creating an animated infomercial for Minnesota Valley Credit Union. The piece explains what a Credit Union really is, and it allowed students Olivia Lee, Aimee Bruss, and Josh Kloster to successfully pitch a concept to the client and fully execute their design.

Stone Path also worked on an informational video for Brunton Architects, an award-winning architecture and interior design firm located in Southern Minnesota. This project required the creation of 3D graphics and the filming of interviews and time-lapses. Another project for ELS Christian Day Schools included a two-day film shoot with 16 grade schoolers at various locations around Mankato.

When asked to sum up her summer experience, Olivia said “Stone Path allowed me to gain experience in all areas of production, including client relations, presenting ideas, production planning, storyboarding, organizing shoots, creative direction, directing, shooting, audio, and editing. As a result, I’ve gained more confidence and am prepared to take on bigger projects.”