The archives of this blog are filled with posts about ambitious senior capstone projects. These high-profile projects are the culmination of years of training, practice, and countless hours of hard work. We thought it would be a fun change of pace to post work from a group of students who are just beginning their creative careers. What follows is a small sample of work that’s been done this year in Graphic Design I, a course currently taught by Amanda Quist.

The students in Graphic Design I are a mixed group. Many of them come from the traditional fine arts. Others approach the course from the video/broadcast field. One of the first things covered in the class, besides software, is that the main tools of the graphic designer are image and typography. In one of the first exercises using Adobe Illustrator, the students used design principles to manipulate form, expressing the meaning of words through the typography itself.
Designers featured from left to right: Elisabeth Werre, Justine Bennett, and Kirsten Elyea

Page layout and typesetting are foundation skills of graphic design. Students used Adobe Indesign in an assignment where they designed a spread for Wired Magazine. Tyler Voigt followed the Wired style to a tee. His spread is below.

Most recently, the young designers used what they learned about type and image to create a logo for a fictional media company. This is where the different interests and sensibilities of the class come to light, which is an exciting time for everyone. Take a look at this group of logos:
Here’s a bit more on each of these (currently) fictitious companies:
Wanderlust: A travel magazine and/or blog by Cora Mumme
Fishy Films: An independent film company with fishy origins by Kalley Hoshaw
Big Box Media: A growing media company with humble roots by Tyler Voigt
Tick Tock Pro: A recording studio by Justine Bennett
Totomori: A blog that covers Mori Girl or Forest Girl fashion, which emerged in Japan, by Alexis Brooks
White Stag Galleries: An online art gallery with high standards by Kirsten Elyea
Mista Twista Radio: An 80s station filled with personality by Rebecca Wiseman
Skylight Productions: A classy production house by Kenny Ramirez

Graphic Design I is a course that moves quickly. For some, the challenge is the software. For others, the challenge is in thinking like a designer and learning to see and understand formal and aesthetic features. The students are currently working on a more advanced project—infographic design—and will then move on to Photoshop after midterm. We’re very excited with the potential in this class and eager to see these designers develop!