We had a decent turnout and a very positive response at the Festival of Media Arts (or FOMA, revised from 2012’s FOCAMA) this past Wednesday, April 27.  FOMA is a showcase of student work in video, animation, and motion graphics, which included a total of 34 short projects. We brought FOMA back this year because there’s been a lot of great work done in Media Arts classes recently that deserves to be seen by a wider audience! It’s also important for students to have a real screening experience…to see how a larger audience responds to what they make.

One of the cool things about FOMA is that it involves so many students (including freshman through seniors). The creative pieces shown were both entertaining and informative. A lot of the video work was designed to tell entertaining stories (the showcase included comedy, suspense, and a tearjerker), and many of the motion graphics pieces were designed to inform you on a topic or make you think about something differently (i.e., the various health benefits of eating dandelions or why you should consider playing Magic). We also had an audience vote to determine favorites in two categories. We’ll end with the results (including the runners-up).

Runner-Up for Audience Favorite in Video: Meet Me At Chip’s by Jacob Norris, Kat Schleef, Heidi Riebau, Alex Almeda, and Devin Ward

Audience Favorite in Video: Hey, Jim! by Colin Neville, Alec Lade, Emi Becker, and Hannah Rethemeyer

Runner-Up for Audience Favorite in Animation/Motion Graphics: Female & Sh*t by Kat Schleef

Audience Favorite in Animation/Motion Graphics: The Cinema Auteur by Alec Mueller