We are excited to announce that two predominantly student-made pieces of visual music were recently accepted into the content library of Ion Concert Media! We wrote about this company years ago, which was started by a Bethany alumnus and makes it possible for visual music to be reliably synced to live orchestral performances. Visual music pieces in this content library are available for purchase and screened alongside live music using Ion’s unique software.

These animations showcase the work of several students and were made entirely in Adobe After Effects. They were completed in the first project assigned by Prof. Amanda Quist in MART 330 Motion Graphics. It’s worth pointing out that for many of the students who contributed to these published pieces, this was their first time using After Effects!

A big congratulations to all students involved with a special shout out to Alec Mueller and Joey Pasbrig for truly excellent work! Full credits below.

Kinetic Dances by composer Randall D. Standridge
Animators: Brock Aaker, Christopher Anderson, Shawn Bjerke, Emily Dietz, Alex Gutzke, Vianna Kovaciny, Alec Mueller, Joey Pasbrig, Amanda Quist, Franklin Selvey

Ingenuity by composer Larry Clark
Lead Animators: Keren Horneber, Amanda Quist, Taylor Theiste
Supporting Animators: Savannah Soltis, Sashia Swenson, HyunJun Yoon
Carousel Designs: Maelyn Duquaine